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The New Town at St. Charles
St. Charles, MO
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June 2, 2009
New Town Is Now Home To 150 New Families Since January 1

150 New families since January 1 have decided to make New Town their new home. So what’s the attraction? Is it the beauty of the landscape and architecture? Is it the easy access to shopping and entertainment? Is it the promise of an active lifestyle with walking, jogging, swimming, biking and boating all part of your daily routine? Or is it the real sense of community where everybody is your neighbor, not just the folks next door. For most everyone making the move to New Town it’s all of the above.

Many New Town residents say they fell in love with the place on their very first visit. Some came to town for a wedding, others to play volleyball or ice skate; still others came to visit one of the great restaurants and shops, or to attend a concert in the amphitheatre. Whatever the reason, like so many before them their jaws dropped and they knew immediately that New Town was the place to call home.

One new family that is making the move to New Town is the Ellis’. James and Laura Ellis have been visiting New Town since the beginning and knew that they loved all the community had to offer. They became fixtures at the many New Town music festivals and frequent visitors to the Domain Street Wine Bar and other New Town businesses. “One of our favorite things is to go to Marsala’s Market, buy a bottle of wine along with something delicious from their deli and sit outside and watch all the activity,” says Laura. Once their son Ryan and daughter Andrea were born they knew they could wait no longer to make the move. “I’m very excited that our beautiful new home is right on a huge park where our kids can grow up playing and exploring,” said James. “I can’t think of another place to live that offers so much to do all within walking distance.” “We plan on spending a lot of time in the lazy river at the Shire Lane Pool Club,” added Laura.

Like many families considering a move, the Ellis’ realized that the time to buy is now. With the great deals being offered by Whittaker Homes, the $8,000 tax credit for first time homebuyers and the incredibly low interest rates there have never been so many reasons to purchase a new home. James and Laura’s spacious new home comes from the extremely popular Traditional Neighborhood Collection and features a double front porch from which they can look out over their beautiful and ever expanding community. With so much to do right here in town they are discovering what so many New Town residents already know; New Town living is truly like being on vacation year round.

Isn’t it time you see for yourself what all the excitement is about? Bring your family out and watch a movie under the stars at the amphitheatre or join us for the next music festival (Jazz Festival, August 15). Come out and spend the day fishing on the lakes or have a picnic in the park under the watchful gaze of a life-size elephant and giraffe. See the cows, goats, sheep and donkeys at the Organic Farm as you shop Sugar Grove Mercantile for the freshest produce. Take the family to dinner at The Brickhouse Bistro or Beatniks and then stroll down the street for ice cream at Bonnidell’s, a few games of pinball at Pinhedz or a little shopping at It Bouitique.

110 new families in 2009 have made the move and that number is growing quickly. Join the rush! Visit today and see if you don’t find about a million reasons to make New Town, your new home.